iPod Jukebox: An MP3 DJ Night

"You know what it's like for a friend to pull a few CDs off the shelf and say "Hey, check this out?" Well, the technology [at iPod Jukebox] allowed 13 or so people to do the same favor for a crowd of strangers. Pretty cool."
-- Rob Pegoraro, The Washington Post

Next iPod Jukebox Event: Wednesday, April 14, 2010, at Cafe Saint-Ex, Washington D.C.

PBS Jukebox

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Apparently we need to watch more PBS. If we did, we would have known that iPod Jukebox was mentioned on "The NewsHour with Jim Lehrer" on May 15. The topic? The "technical and cultural impact" of the iPod. (You can watch the segment or read a transcript here.)
JEFFREY BROWN: Given such concerns, it's fascinating to see some new ways MP3 players are being used in many parts of society. At this Washington, D.C., nightclub, Cafe Saint-Ex, iPod users gather once a month to share favorite songs at an iPod jukebox night, individual choices blasting through the club, and perhaps creating a new musical community.

WASHINGTON, DC, IPOD USER: It's sort of revolutionizing the way people listen to music, because you can sort of surround yourself with your music at all times.

This means we were mentioned on both public television and public radio in a little over two weeks. We'd like to thank all the Americans (and their tax dollars) who made it possible.

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  • At iPod Jukebox, anyone with an MP3 player can be the DJ. Show up, sign up and play whatever you want for up to 12 minutes.

    iPod Jukebox takes place on the second Wednesday of the month at Cafe Saint-Ex.
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